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Undergraduate and graduate studies in the areas of Sustainable Energy Systems are coordinated by the Research School of Engineering.

Currently available research projects are listed under student projects at the College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS).

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Students experimenting with a solar air-heating system.

Undergraduate studies in renewable energy

Renewable Energy Systems is a major area of study and specialisation within the professional education offered by the ANU Bachelor of Engineering. The name of the corresponding Major will be stated prominently in your academic transcript.

Renewable energy engineering is multi-disciplinary by nature and includes a range of electrical and mechanical disciplines, from the physics of semiconductor materials to control circuits and large power plants, and from basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to optical concentrators and chemical means to store the energy indefinitely. All these aspects are included in the courses that constitute the Renewable Energy Systems Major.

The Renewable Energy Systems Major has courses that cover the electronic and thermodynamic foundations of energy systems. In addition, several specialist solar energy courses are included. Students can undertake their 4th year Engineering Project in the area. Students undertaking this Major will finish with a well-rounded engineering degree comprising 70% general engineering education and 30% specialist courses.

The Renewable Energy Systems Major overlaps with other Majors, particularly the Materials & Mechanical Systems Major and the Electronic Systems Major, so it would be easy for you to complete not just one, but two or more of the majors offered by the Faculty.

Where can an Engineering Degree with an Energy Systems Major lead?

Energy system engineers are essential members of advanced societies. Renewable energy technologies offer a long term environmentally sustainable solution to energy supply.  They are already changing the lives of people who do not have access to the electricity grid, mainly in developing countries, but also in Australia, Europe and the USA. The solar cell industry has been doubling in size every two years for the past decade, and there is a high demand for sustainable energy engineers.

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Graduate studies

Before sending a resume or any inquiry to us, please carefully read the information on graduate study at:

Highly motivated research students can apply to undertake PhD and Masters projects with the School of Engineering. Projects are available in the several areas of photovoltaic technologies, spanning the range from fundamental to applied research. People with higher degrees in the field of renewable energy have excellent employment prospects in this rapidly expanding sector of the economy.

» Requirements and application process for graduate students

» Available PhD and Master projects in PV

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